Why I...

 We are all so fond of giving labels to ourselves, so in the tried and true format of introductions:  I was first a knitter, and then a spinner - simply for pragmatic reasons as I couldn't find any decent wool to knit with!

I then, wanting to experiment with colour, progressed to a bit of dyeing, along with a smattering of weaving, and was lucky enough to convert this to a craft consultancy which kept me in all the clouds of fibre I could ever wish to aspire to. 

I left my nirvana to concentrate on writing and the world of business and for a while lost my way, caught up in the agendas of everyday life. 

In 2005 our youngest son, Toby, was involved in a road accident, and I sought comfort and strength in the simple things of life - such as my warm oddment jumper which had been cast aside so carelessly in favour of business dress.

This has now led me back to the world of craft - it has been like coming home. The familiar territory and language, the comfort of like-minded people, all have supported me whilst I have struggled to adapt to the world of the brain-injured. 

In 2009 I undertook a personal "craft" challenge which has revolutionised my approach to my creative world. I would like to share with you through the power of the "tinternet". I am hoping to consolidate all the craft knowledge I have acquired, along with learning new and document them in a way that you can relate to. 

Please share your experiences with me, and perhaps give yourself the time to try something you didn't think you could do this year - you might surprise yourself !!  


December 200

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