One of my challenges has now been achieved thanks to Fyberspates - Jeni - who held a dyeing workshop at the Get Knitted shop in Brislington.

We started off with a virgin pile of white wool, lots of new brushes, old ice cream containers, kemtex dyes and plenty of unbridled enthusiasm.. 

Fyberspates Dyeing Day

then the fun began..

Fyberspates Dyeing Day

 Some wool in part-paint

I didn't quite know where to start, so decided I would let serendipity taken over and whatever colours came to hand, ended up on the wool...

The basic principles were mix powder into a solution, add some acid in the form of vinegar, coat wool and then add heat - on the day in the form of a microwave, but steam would work equally well - and probably the way I am going to move forward.

Then lots of washing out...

Fybrespates Dyeing


I was introduced to panels, which I hadn't heard of before.  Knitted up in white wool, paint with colour and fix, then unwind and knit.  Delicious - mine looked like something transmitted back from the Hubble telescope, or so I thought.

Dyed Panel


What I wanted from the day

A refresher course in using dyes - the last time must have been around 10 years ago.

What I achieved/learned on the day

Lots and lots of colour, three or four different ideas for working with dyes, which are much simpler than the method I used to use, and far more creative.

I met a lot of like minded people, whose energy and enthusiasm was infectious.

I was impressed with the knowledge and quality of our tutor - she was inspiring and facilitated us very well. 


As you can see I have produced quite a stash to add to my current pile, and I have the materials for a few projects now:

  1. Shetland Lace Spinning for the Devon Guild Challenge
  2. Hand-dyed warp, with matching fibre for weft - for the Seasons Devon Guild Challenge - so I can enter something which has been hand-dyed, handspun and handwoven...
  3. Amazon Hand-dyed sock wool - for a pair of socks - which fulfills the Acid Dye challenge
Macaw Socks

    4.  A hank for my penfriend - who I hope will forgive me for the delay - should have been Xmas!

Way forward:

I purchased some Easy dye from P & M at the last Guild Workshop, I have bought some hanks of wool and fibre, so will dye some more at home for weaving, socks, and general enjoyment in my life !!!

Continue with the materials to complete the projects.

Think about other ways of dyeing - I would love to do some more silk scarves...