Drop Spindle

Humph - all my yarn is designer (code word for unrepeatable and unscientific I expect) - so I wonder what I had in mind when I put this in the list...
Drop Spindling is a skill that I have always wanted to learn to do, so after years of attempting to and failing badly (a bit like my swimming and running), I am pleased to announce that I have sort of finally got the hang of it.   Devon Heather

I located a well-balanced whirl, which worked with the hook in a different place than I was familiar way - on the bottom of the hook rather than at the top of the spindle.  This has made all the difference, and with a few quick demonstrations from Sarah and others, I am finally away. 

Drop Spindling

I am still a little mystified as to the plying of this, but have found a book this week which describes how to use the nostepine correctly, so will work on this.
A year on (August 2010), I have come across this beautiful monologue which I thought I would share as it echoes my thoughts and feelings, but is more beautifully portrayed...
I am also pleased to report that my first tentative steps have blossomed into a collection of spindles and a lot more yarn.  I am enjoying the slowness and connectivity to my ancesters - the direct link with an earlier age in a way that I had not thought possible when setting out on the original challenge.