The idea behind the challenge was to create 12 projects in 12 months, covering 12 disciplines linked with textile crafts.

This year of challenge is now over, but for purposes of consolidating the portfolio and written work I am transferring it here for the time being.  

It is my intention to undertake 12 different craft disciplines during the course of the year, and undertake 12 projects.  The rules of this task though are very much still being written...


 Challenge    Genre 
    1                          Knitting Design and knit and article            
    2     Weavingusing the Ashford Knitters' loom - learn to confidently warp up and produce different designs and styles of cloth on a regular basis. Eventually producing a piece of work with a hand dyed warp and matching hand-dyed weft.
    3 Dyeing Dying - acid dyes - wool for socks
    4     Handspinning Designer Wool


     6 Quilting 
     7     Tapestry Weaving 
    8                       Natural Dyes  
    9                        Felting 
     10                        Embellishment 






Challenge 9:  Felting

Challenge 10, 11 and 12 - to be formalised.    and I have joined the Devon Guilding of Spinners Dyers and Weavers who have been generous with this inspiration.... 



I am writing some poetry and prose to accompany each task and will probably self-publish something at the end of the year.  Here I am - sewing blanket edging under the watchful eye of Sarah Harris at the Spinning Weal.