MuseinMeltdown Challenge 2009

I undertook the MuseinMeltdown Challenge in 2009/10 and during 2011 have worked on all kinds of projects which were spin-offs from the learning.  This started off as a bit of fun and very tongue in cheek, but developed into almost a full-time study.
I have copied the pages from the website which was set up here, as I intend to work on them and publish a "little ditty" on the experience at some point in the future.
Original Wording:

                              The MuseinMeltdown Challenge 2009 2010
                                             (only kidding - this year is consolidation time..!)

The site enables you to glimpse into my world and allows me to express and explain some of the interests and preoccupations which surround and inform my creativity.

Please feel free to comment, interrupt and generally make your presence felt. 

This Website may continue but has been woefully neglected !! 
My professional site can be found at DyeVerse and you can email me at

If you are my tutor, please say nice things thank you for saying nice things about my unusual approach to a very dull compulsory element of a course, and you will gain much karma and credit with me.....

If you are still (!) my friend - then you will truly understand my need to expand, explore and conduct my creativity in a forum beyond the confines of the written page...

and if you are none of the above... well please join me on my journey and have some fun anyway !






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